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Reinhard Schmid


Reinhard Schmid
visual artist

REINHARD SCHMID was born in Weiden, Germany, in 1960, and has always been fascinated by artists working in the phantasic field. Schmid also has an interest in machines and engineering, and for several years he even worked as a navigator on a submarine before he started painting on glass. His father Rudolf Schmid, also an artist, taught him the classical glass painting techniques as well as the new ones he had invented himself. Over the last 30 years Reinhard Schmid refined the use of pencil and watercolor on the reverse side of glass, and by combining it with the techniques of the old masters he developed his very own distinct style. He takes the fascinating old „sous verre“ technique to the next level and is the only known painter today to master it to this degree.

In the early 1990s Schmid worked with Jaro Art Galleries on Madison Avenue, New York, which also exhibited his work at the New York Art Expo. From 1991 to 2001 he maintained a residence in Chicago, IL.

From 1993 to 2013 he was the curator of the so-called “Gewölbe der Geheimnisse” (“Vaults of Secrets”) in his home town Viechtach, Germany, where he worked for more than 10 years on a large scale version of tarot cards on glass (size: 5 x 14 m!)

Reinhard Schmid’s works can be found in both private collections and galleries in Europe, the United States and Japan, and since 1990 he also operates his own gallery. In recent years he was accepted by several groups of first-rate painters, and he participated in numerous projects throughout Europe. In 2007 he started the so-called ”Venusmaschine” project, in which he transforms his more than 300year old house into a large, three-dimensional piece of art.

Exhibitions/projects (group events marked with *)
1985 Glasmuseum Austen*, Bodenmais, Germany
1986 Galerie Bäumler, Regensburg, Germany
1986 Kunstverein Wolfstein*, Freyung, Germany
1987 Kurhaus Bad Füssing*, Germany
1987 Kunstverein Wolfstein*, Freyung, Germany
1987 Galerie Bäumler, Regensburg, Germany
1987 Galerie Bäumler*, Regensburg, Germany
1988 St. Anna Kapelle*, Passau, Germany
1988 12 x 16 ft drawing on glass “Agnes Bernauer” in the “Gläserne Scheune“, Viechtach, Germany
1988 Participation in the creation of the sculpture “Sphinx” made for the October fest at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA.
1989 Nusser auctions, Munich, Germany since 1990 Opening of the gallery “Galerie Reinhard Schmid“

1990 Jaro Art Galleries, New York, Madison Ave. and New York Art Expo
1991 Calendar “Reinhard Schmid 1991” since 1994 Working on the project “Tarot”, 15 x 42 ft painting on glass (66 pieces)
1998 20 minute portrait in the “Bayerischen Fernsehen B3“ (Bavarian TV),
2000 Design of the official city seal for the city of Viechtach, Germany
2002 “Theme and Variations” in cooperation with Kunstverein Wolfstein, Freyung, Germany
2003 “Agnes and Variations” a tragic story from the early renaissance as part of the 650 year celebrations of the dukedom Straubing-Holland
2003 Design of the official mascot for the 900 year celebrations of the city of Viechtach, Germany in 2004
2004 “Four Artists of Viechtach”*, old city hall, Viechtach, Germany
2005 “Dali’s Heirs paint Europa”*, Wolnzach, Germany
2006 SAFE 2006 (Salon de l’Art Fantastique European) in Le Mont Dore*, France
2006 “Dali’s Heirs and the Book of the Apocalypse”*, Wolnzach, Germany and at the “ArtAffair” gallery in Regensburg, Germany
2007 SAFE 2007 in Le Mont Dore*, France
2007 “Venus and the Female Intuition”* in Saeby (Denmark), Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) and Nice (France)
2007 Maison Bizarre*, Brussels (Belgium)
2007 “Dali’s Heirs paint Europa”*, European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium)
2007 „Venus and the Female Intuition“*, Denmark/The Netherlands/France
2007 „Verborgene Welten“ Reinhard Schmid and Michael Maschka, Viechtach, Germany
2008 Galerie „Princesse de Kiev“*, Nizza
2008 Beginning of the „Venusmaschine“. The transformation of a more than 300 year old tavern into a three dimensional piece of art
2008 „Ange Exquis“*, International exhibition project with Lukas Kándl
2008 „Dreamscapes“*, Amsterdam, NL
2009 „Ange Exquis“*, Galleria Renessans, Florenz, IT
2009 „Ange Exquis“*, Galleria Com. di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Piombino, IT
2009 „Ange Exquis“*, Vascoeuil Castle, FR
2009 „Dante, The Divine Comedy“*, Saeby, DK
2009 Dante, The Divine Comedy“*, Old City Hall, Viechtach, DE
2009 „Black and White“*, Salon Comparaisons/Grand Palais, Paris, FR
2010 „SAFE 2010“, (Salon de l’Art Fantastique European)*, Le Mont-Dore, FR
2010 "ipax2010"*, Dali‘s Heirs, Old City Hall, Viechtach, DE
2010 „Exclamations“*, Chapelle des Jésuites, Chaumont en Champagne, FR
2010 1. Biennal of Phantastic Art*, Old City Hall, Viechtach, DE
2010 „Black and White“*, Saint Pierre le Puellier Collegial, Orleans, FR
2010 „$ 1,000,000.00“*, Salon Comparaisons/Grand Palais, Paris, FR
since 2011 „Kidnapped“, a painting for the permanent collection of the Phantastenmuseum, Vienna, AT
2011 „Exclamations“*, Phantastenmuseum, Vienna, AT
2011 „Ange Exquis“*, Baroque castle Riegersburg, AT
2011 „Phantamorgana“*, Altes Rathaus, Viechtach, DE
2011 „Phénix et Dragons“*, Salon Comparaisons/Grand Palais, Paris, FR
2011 „Magical Dreams“*, Galeria Bator, PL, IT
2011 „Ange Exquis“*, Palais Ducal, Nevers, FR
2012 „Exclamations“*, Parc des Expositions, Orleans, FR
2012 "$ 1,000,000.00"*, Galerie d'Art Contemporain, Chamalieres, FR
2012 „Phénix et Dragons“*, Chapelle des Jésuites, Chaumont en Champagne, FR

2012 „Phénix et Dragons“*, Viechtach, 2. Biennal of Phantastic Art*, Old City Hall, Viechtach, DE
2012 Accepted into the „Galactic Trading Cards“* Project (Delvin Solkinson), US
2012 „Exclamations“*, Sedan, Château fort FR
2012 „Imago“*, Baroque castle Riegersburg, AT
2013 "Dreams & Divinities"*, San Marcos Art Center in Toledo, ES
2013 „Phénix et Dragons“*, Annweiler, Hohenstaufensaal, DE
2013 „Tribute to Old Masters“*, Salon Comparaisons/Grand Palais, Paris, FR
2013 „Magical Dreams II“*, Galeria Bator, PL, IT
2013 Kunstmesse Krakau, PL
2014 „Phénix et Dragons“*, Casablanca, Forum de la Culture - ex Cathédrale du Sacré-Coeur, MA
2014 „Zodiac“, 3. Biennal of Phantastic Art*, Old City Hall, Viechtach, DE
2014 „Phénix et Dragons“*, Sedan, Château fort, FR
2015 „Exclamations”*, San Vicente, Toledo, ES
2015 „Self Portrait“*, Salon Comparaisons/Grand Palais, Paris, FR
2015 „Ange Exquis”, „Exclamations”, „Black and White”, „ Phénix et Dragons”*, Tannpapier - Trierenberg Art, Traun, AT
2016 „Mexican Lottery”*, Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, MX
Museo de la ciudad, Queretaro, MX
Museo Nacional, Aguascalientes, MX
Galería de la Secretaría de Cultura, Coahuila, MX
2016 “Tribute to ols Masters”*, Old City Hall, Viechtach, DE
2017 „Half-Human Half-Beast Divinities“*, Salon Comparaisons im Grand Palais, Paris, FR
2017 “Fly with Me”* selected to be one of 8 selfportraits from the Libellule froup for a special presentation at the European Museum of
Modern Art MEAM in Barcelona, ES 2017 “Magical Dreams IV”*, Bator Art Gallery, Szczyrk, PL
2017 “Magical Dreams IV”*, Dom Galerie, Wiener Neustadt, AT
2018 “Magical Dreams IV”*, Centrum Promocji Kultury, Warschau, PL
2018 “Magical Dreams IV”*, Altes Rathaus, Viechtach, DE
2018 “Magical Dreams IV”*, Galerie Südliches Friesland, Zetel, DE

Website: www.reinhardschmid.de / www.venusmaschine.com

FB Page: www.facebook.com/rschmid.art/

Blog: steemit.com/@reinhard-schmid

E-mail: info@reinhardschmid.de

Mobile: +49 151 28494180

Correspondence: Bäckergasse 3, 94234 Viechtach, Germany

Peter Gric


Peter Gric

In the early nineties Peter Gric started to discover the possibilities of computer graphics for his paintings. From then on his organic-surreal visual imagery was enriched by complex architectural structures and artefacts. In place of using pencil and sketchbook he began to design his compositions with a 3D visualization software, he started to transfer the virtual reality into painting and consequently found within this fusion to his very unique and distinctive stile.
This method is most obvious in his “Artificial Spaces” series. These paintings are based on three-dimensional geometries built with something like a “virtual building block system” or other mathematical and algorithmic concepts. The creation of these images becomes a play with complex spaces and perspectives in order to create normally non-accessible places in a completely artificial arrangement of space and light. By translating these virtual concepts into paint, Gric attempts to enter into those artificial spaces, and render them tactile. He seeks to give form and substance, bringing them out of their virtual state to a substantial manifestation.
In addition to his Artificial Spaces Gric also experiments with the human nude combined with mineral, technoid and architectural structures. Despite the fact, that the bodies of this “Mnemosyne” and "Gynoid" series are often dissolved and fragmented, he wittingly obtains or even emphasizes the erotic component. In this series his phantastic and surreal origin is most apparent.

Peter was born in Brno, former Czechoslovakia in 1968 as the only child of the artist married couple Ludmila and Jaroslav Gric. Already in his early childhood his parents recognized and supported his talent for drawing and painting. In the year 1980 his parents decided to emigrate and via Hungary and Yugoslavia they arrived to Austria. They spent a year in Edlach/Reichenau an der Rax, afterwards they moved to Linz where Peter finished the primary school and a technical college for graphic-design. In 1988 he came to Vienna and started to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in the master class of Prof. Arik Brauer. Already during the study he participated in numerous group exhibitions and started to successfully sell his paintings. He finished the study in 1993 and earned a Masters degree in Fine Arts. 2009 Peter moved from Vienna to Oberhöflein at the Hohe Wand plateau nearby the Eastern Alps. He has two daughters, Emilia (2002) and Natalia (2005).

2010 Gric has been working on Concept Design for Guillermo del Toro's film project "At the Mountains of Madness". From 2011 to 2015 Gric had a teaching assignment at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Gric‘s works are in possession of numerous private and public collections: Austria State Gallery Oberes Belvedere in Vienna, Municipal Gallery in Traun / Austria, Künstlerhaus München / Germany, Art Visionary Collection in Melbourne / Australia, Collection Rardy van Soest in Houden / Holland, Trierenberg Art in Traun / Austria, beinArt Collection / Australia, Westermann Collection / Germany


1994 Galerie 1990, Eisenstadt / Austria ● Kick off, academy of arts, Vienna ● 1995 Rieter Meets Art, Winterthur / Switzerland & Milano / Italy ● 1998 Stadthalle Germering / Germany ● 2000 Phantastik am Ende der Zeit, Stadtmuseum Erlangen / Germany ● Kunst-Pavillon Alter Botanischer Garten, Munich / Germany ● 2001 Das Alchimistische Werk, Kunstverein Baden / Austria ● Pandämonium, Burg Liechtenstein / Austria ● 2002 Labyrinthe - Welt als Rätsel, Schloss Honhardt / Germany ● 2003 Das Alchimistische Werk II, das NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst, St.Pölten / Austria ● Art Visionary Collecti-on, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange / Australia ● Art Visionary Collection, Global Arts Link, Ipswich / Australia ● Artefakte, Galerie AKUM, Vienna (personal exhibition) ● 2004 Vom Surrealismus zur Moderne, Barockschloss Riegersburg / Austria ● 2005 Erotikon, Galerie 1990, Eisenstadt / Austria ● Fantastische Welten, Spandauer Zitadelle, Berlin ● 2006 Künstliche Räume, Hypo-Alpe-Adria-Bank, Belgrade (personal exhibition) ● L’Ange exquis, Sedan / France ● L’Ange exquis, Grand Palais, Paris / France ● Künstliche Räume, Karmeliterkirche, Wr. Neustadt / Austria (personal exhibition) ● 2007 NÖ Landesausstellung Feuer und Erde, Waidhofen a.d. Ybbs / Austria ● L’Ange exquis, Saint Germain des Angles / France ● Alternative Welten, Galerie Zentrum, Vienna ● Metamorphosis, Galerie 10, Vienna ● 2008 L’Ange exquis, Rosny sur Seine – Hospices Saint Charles / France ● Gric: Bilder 1994 – 2008, Galerie bast-art, Vienna (personal exhibition) ● Drei, Domgalerie Wr. Neustadt / Austria ● Auf Amors Flügeln, Barockschloss Riegersburg / Austria ● L’Ange exquis, Viechtach, Altes Rathaus / Germany ● L’Ange exquis, Viroflay, A l‘Ecu de France Gallery / France ● 2009 Peter Gric at the Hofburg, Hofburg Congress Centre, Vienna (personal exhibition) ● art-imaginär 2009, Neustadt / Mussbach / Germany ● 2010 Dreamscape 2010, Amsterdam / The Netherlands ● Ancient Civilisations / Alien Technologies, Temple of Visions Gallery, Los Angeles / USA ● Die Macht der Phantasie, Barockschloss Riegersburg / Austria ● beinArt Collective, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica / USA ● real-irreal-surreal, Trierenberg Art, Traun / Austria ● iPax2010, Altes Rathaus, Viechtach / Germany ● Chimeria, Sedan / France ● 2011 Dystopia, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica / USA ● 2012 Android Awakening (personal exhibition), Copro Gallery, Santa Monica / USA ● Taboo, Last Rites Gallery, NY / USA ● Anomalies, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica / USA ● Jump in the FIre, Start Gallery, Detroit / USA ● 2013 5 Year Annyversary Show, Last Rites Gallery, NY / USA ● beinArt Collective, Copro Gallery, Santa Monica / USA

Art fairs:

2013 Art Nocturne Knocke, Knokke-Heist / Belgium ● Berliner Liste, Berlin / Germany ● Context Art Miami, Miami / USA
2014 LA ART Show, Los Angeles / USA

Kathrina Sofie Baumgartner


Kathrina Sofie Baumgartner

- Born Oberstdorf, Bavaria 1986

- Self-educated painter and draughtswoman

2003 - 2007 - Full time training in wood and stone sculpture at Innsbruck, Austria,

2007 -Graduation with distinction
- Start as a freelance artist

2009 - Educational trip to Sumatra and Java to study Indonesian sculpture techniques

2010 - Invitation to work with Prof. Ernst Fuchs (co-founder of Fantastic Realism),
studies of Misch-Technique

2010 - 2011 - Assistant of Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Vienna to collaborate on his life work the “Fuchs-Kapelle”, part of the parish church St. Egid, Klagenfurt, Austria

2012 - publication of a limited edition of a bronze sculpture in the art catalogue “Ars Mundi”
- “Certificate of Excellence” awarded by Palm Art Award in Leipzig, Germany

2013 - Group exhibition with the artists´ group “Artig” at Kempten, Germany
- Youngest artist to be included in the “Encyclopedia of Fantastic Artists “ by
Prof. Gerhard Habarta
(including Rudolf Hausner, Nici de Saint Phalle, HR Giger, Arik Brauer and many more)

2014 - Group exhibition, “Un-Sachlich”, Galerie Bodenseekreis, Meersburg, Germany
- Guest artist, Künstlerkreis Oberstaufen exhibition, Germany
- Solo exhibition, Designwerkstatt, Munich, Germany
- Group exhibition, "Real und Surreal im Spannungsfeld", Fischen, Germany

2015 - Course facilitator, “Art in Paradise”, Byron Bay, Australia
- Live painting, collaborative artwork, “Fourcolors”, Melbourne, Australia
- Group exhibition, "Fantastic Venus", Viechtach, Germany
- Participation in one of the biggest touring exhibitions for Fanastic Art in Europe,
"Magical Deams III", commencing in Poland
- Group exhibition, "Labyrinth of Realities", Linz, Austria

2016 - „Transmission“ group exhibition, Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria
- Group exhibition, „Callas Art Affair“, Galerie Callas, Bremen, Germany

2017 - Participation in the ART CAPITAL 2017 at the Grand Palais, Paris
- Group exhibition, „Real Surreal Irreal“ Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen, Germany
- Group exhibition „Magical Dreams IV“, commencing in Polan
- Collaborative exhibition with Leo Plaw, Studio Moldovan, Vienna

2018 - Inclusion in the “Lexicon of Phantastic Artists” by Prof. Gerhard Habarta

Danica Masniković


Danica Masniković

Danica Masniković rođena je 21. maja 1941. godine u Brnu – Republika Češka, gde je završila Višu umetničku školu. Diplomirala je 1965. godine na Fakultetu likovnih umetnosti u Beogradu, odsek grafike, u klasi profesora Boška Karanovića. Postdiplomske studije na istom fakultetu završila je 1967. godine. Član je ULUS-a. Dobitnik je mnogobrojnih uglednih nagrada. Slike, grafike i crteže izlagala je na preko 200 samostalnih i kolektivnih izložbi u zemlji i inostranstvu. Bavi se crtežom, akvarelom, slikom i grafikom.
Dela Danice Masniković se nalaze u kolekcijama Narodnog muzeja Beograda, Muzeja savremene umetnosti u Beogradu, Muzeja grada Beograda, Narodnog muzeja Kragujevac, Narodnog muzeja Sremske Mitrovice... Platna ove umetnice krase mnoge prostore značajnih zdanja, kao što su „Politika”, Radio-televizija Srbije, Hotel „Hajat” u Beogradu, Institut „Mihajlo Pupin”, kao i mnoge druge privatne kolekcije. Živi i radi kao slobodan umetnik.

Samostalne izložbe

1966. – Izložba grafika i crteža, Galerija Grafički Kolektiv, Beograd
1968. – Izložba grafika i crteža, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Štutgart
1970. – Izložba grafika i crteža, Galerija Grafički Kolektiv, Beograd
1973. – Izložba slika, grafika i crteža galerija, Grafički Kolektiv
1980. – Izložba crteža, galerija Kulturni centar Beograd
1981. – Izložba crteža, galerija Likovna jesen, Centra za kulturu Sombor
1991. – Izložba crteža i grafika, Narodni muzej Požarevac
1991. – Izložba slika, galerija Kulturni centar Beograd
1992. – Izložba slika, Užice
1993. – Izložba slika, Centar za kulturu, Likovni salon, Trstenik
1997. – Izložba slika, Media centar, Beograd
2000. – Izložba akvarela, Dom omladine, Galerija akvarela Požarevac
2000. – Izložba akvarela, Savremena galerija Zrenjanin
2001. – Galerija Udruženja likovnih umetnika, Beograd
2003. – Galerija Kulturnog centra „Laza Kostić”, Sombor
2004. – Narodni muzej, Sremska Mitrovica
2005. – Galerija Narodnog muzeja, Kragujevac
2005. – Kulturni centar Srbije, Pariz
2005. – Galerija „Pariski krug”, Euro centar, Beograd
2007. – Galerija Udruženja likovnih umetnosti, Beograd
2007. – Narodna banka, Beograd
2007. – Galerija Vojvođanske banke, Novi Sad
2007. – Moderna galerija, Budva
2013. – Galerija Atrijum Biblioteke grada Beograda
2013. – Galerija Art, Kragujevac
2014. – Kombank Art hol, Politika
2015. – Galerija Udruženja likovnih umetnika, Beograd


– „Veliki pečat” Grafičkog kolektiva 1967. godine, Beograd
– Nagrada 3. Trijenala savremenog jugoslovenskog crteža, 1969. godine, Sombor
– Nagrada 10. zagrebačka izložba jugoslovenskog crteža, 1985. godine
– Nagrada izložbe „Beograd inspiracija umetnika”, 1986. godine
– Nagrada za slikarstvo – 23. prolećna izložba ULUS, Kragujevac 1997. godine
– Nagrada za figurativni akvarel, Kragujevac 1999. godine
– Nagrada 6. Izložbe akvarela Šabac, 2000. godine
– Nagrade iz oblasti primenjene umetnosti
– Nagrada Kluba privrednih novinara „Vitez srpskog slikarstva”, 2013. godine
- Specijalna nagrada na 5.međunarodnom bijenalu akvarela Galerije A, 2018.

Goran Mitrović


Goran Mitrović

Važnije samostalne izložbe
1993g. Begrad- Biblioteka grada Beograda
1994g. Ruma Muzej Srema
1994g. Begrad- Biblioteka grada Beograda
1994g. Pancevo - galerija Pikaso
1996g. Novi Sad- galerija Apolo centar
1996g. Sremska Mitrovica –galerija Lazar Vozarevic
1997g. Sombor-galerija Kulturnog Centra
1998g. Retimno , Krit – galerija kulturni centar
1998g. Novi Sad- galerija Bel ARt
1999g. Cirih ,
1999g. Podgorica- galerija Pizzana
2000g. Zeneva
2000g. Fiuli galerija hotela Fiuli
2001g. Zemun –Galerija 107
2002g. Madrid galeria Ubicart
2004g. Beograd- galerija Progres
2006g. Novi Sad- galerija Podrum Apolo centar
2006g. Pariz- galerija srpskog Kulturnog centra
2008g. Nis- galerija Klub Akademija
2008g. Domzale- galerija Kulturnog Centra
2008g. Celje- galerija Klinar
2009g. Ilirska Bistrica-galerija Kulturnog centra
2009g. Izola –galerija- Suncni dvorani
2009g. Bolonja
2009g. Malhajm

2009g. Banja Luka – galerija LTG
2010g. Bazel
2011g Izola – galerija Kulturnog centra
2013g. Domzale –galerija biblioteke Domzale
2014g, Zeneva Galerie Nest
2014g. Novi Sad- galerija Bel Art
2014g. Nis – galerija Klub Akademija
2015g. Beograd- galerija Progres
2015g. Sremska Mitrovica –Galerija Lazar Vozarevic

Vanije grupne Izložbe
1993g. Beograd- Majstori Ravnice galerija ,,City,, i ,,Picasso,,
1994g Novi Sad - Ravnicari i prijatelji galerija Apolo centra
1994g Novi Sad –Velika galerija Kulturnog centra-- zavrsna izlozba studenata Akademije umetnosti Novi Sad
1994g.Beograd- Jugoslovenski savremeni slikari galerija Radionice duse
1996g. Beograd, Pristina – Slikarstvo prizora galerija Picasso
1996g Perovaradin –Cirih – galerija Picasso
1996g Sremska mitrovica- Sremskomitrovacki salon
1997g Beograd – Kontinuum Figuracije –galerija Zaduzbine Ilije Kolarca
1998g Beograd –Mali format – galerija Artmedia
1998g Beograd- Art expo 98. Beogradski sajam
1998g Novi Sad- Pejzaz 98. Galerija Bel Art
1998g Budimpesta – Art expo
1999g Rethimno Crete- galeria D, ARTE
1999g Cirih – Jugoslovenski Savremeni slikari

2000g Zemun – Galerija 107
200g Zrenjanin- Vojvodjanski slikari – Moderna galerija Zrenjanin
2001g. Sremska Mitrovica- Sremskomitrovacki salon
2001g. Madrid –galeria Ubicarts
2002g. Salamanca- jugolovenski slikari – Colegio San Jose de Calasanz
2002g. Valjevo- Srpski slikari - Galerija 34
2008g. Sombor – likovna jesen – galerija Kulturnog Centra
2010g. Beograd – Galerija Vojske ? Figuracija, Tradicija, Nacija.
2011g Beograd- Galerija Hexalab-Savremeni tradicionalisti
2011g. Njujork – Generalni konzulat Republike Srbije –Pod panonskim nebom
0d 2000 do 2008 g Izlagao na vise izlozbi u zemlji i inostranstvu udruzenja umetnika Esnaf. Studijska putovanja
Madjarska , Austrija, Nemacka, Francuska , Svajcarska, italija, Grcka, Slovenija , Hrvatska.